Asbestos removal from ships


Asbestos removal from ships

Asbestos removal from ships. RAMID company cooperates with shipyards in Poland. Owing to this cooperation it is possible to act professionally, according to the binding European Union regulations during the asbestos removal from the vessels. All these works take place at the shipyard area.


We possess specialist equipment, which is delivered to the disassembling area in a special containers. Among other things, we have decontamination chambers, filtering stations, vacuum pomp, measuring equipment for quantifying concentration of asbestos fiber. All worker have been trained and possess adequate certificates.


Asbestos removal from ships

Our company can also carry out works related to asbestos in a commercial port indicated by the shipowner or during a short stop at the wharf.

We carry out asbestos dismantling works in accordance with the flag law. Sometimes it may happen that the only optimal way to protect asbestos is to secure it with a preparation that binds together asbestos fibers. You must know that you can count on us in this matter.


We are able to take up asbestos disassembling action in another shipyard shown by investor from Poland or Europe for example:

  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • German
  • Norway
  • France
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Russia

Protection of asbestos

The surface is protected with the use of specialized glue. It is a preparation that binds asbestos fibers in the mortar. The surface is resistant to fiber shedding and is safer to use. In some cases, this method may be acceptable as technically removing the asbestos can be very difficult.

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