Asbestos removal supervision


Asbestos removal supervision

RAMID’s staff has experience in supporting and supervising large-scale asbestos removal projects in the maritime and offshore industries. We can arrange the entire asbestos removal process, including all relevant documentation that must be submitted to the classification society and the flag state.

Look at how different asbestos products can be on ships

We can arrange asbestos removal for all types of products that may be used on the ships.

Such as:

In order to define the exact scope of the asbestos removal work, it is important to have all systems ready on board before the project starts. All asbestos removal procedures will be thoroughly described and approved by the flag.

During the asbestos removal process on board, it is important to protect employees and the shipowner’s opinion on board in accordance with applicable regulations and expectations.

Scope of supervision over asbestos removal:

  • assessment of the asbestos removal plan;
  • evaluation of removal methods;
  • on-site surveillance;
  • monitoring the progress and schedule of removal;
  • security monitoring;
  • waste management monitoring;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • monitoring of asbestos removal control measures;
  • participation in project meetings;
  • communication with the class;
  • communication with the flag;
  • communication with the asbestos removal team and the shipyard;
  • reporting on the progress of asbestos removal works on board.