Removing asbestos from the vessels

RAMID company cooperates with shipyards in Poland. Owing to this cooperation it is possible to act professionally, according to the binding European Union regulations


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Decontamination of ships

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More Than 65% Of All Ships Are Operating With Systems Containing Asbestos


RAMID company has been dealing professionally with asbestos matters in Poland and the European Union for 15 years. We undertake the most advanced technological works related to its removal.

Despite the introduction ten years ago of regulations prohibiting the use of asbest. materials onboard ship, a significant number of existing and newbuild vessels continue to operate systems and machinery containing the hazardous substance.

According to maritime testing facility Maritec, which carried out asbestos surveys for IMO compliance between 2011 and 2020, more than 55% of in-service vessels and 50% of all newbuilds were found to contain harmful substances.

Ship survey data indicates that most detection occurs in the following areas:

  • insulation and sealing materials in machinery spaces;
  • sealing materials used in construction (e.g. gaskets and doorway/window sealants);
  • electric and electronic components (e.g. cables and fuses); and
  • insulation materials used in construction (e.g. deck coverings deckheads and bulkheads).
disposal asbestos from ships in Poland

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