Emergency asbestos removal


When time matters

Emergency removal asbestos

Sometimes it happens that a ship requires urgent repair quickly, e.g. during a stay in a port or at sea. Our company undertakes quick emergency repairs related to asbestos removal on ships, even when it is related to a small service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want an asbestos removal service on the high seas or somewhere in port. We will remove asbestos in emergency at any time, even if it is a small service in a far port. You are guaranteed that the service emergancy asbestos removal will be performed professionally and quickly. We will reach the ship’s berth with the appropriate equipment and the entire service will be performed in accordance with the IMO regulations.

It is possible to conclude a framework contract for an emergency asbestos removal service. Our company guarantees a quick response time, regardless of the time of day. We have a mobile service that is able to make minor repairs or replace asbestos with asbestos-free parts.

It is likely your IHM permits minor work to be performed by the ship’s crew. The crew may not have the right equipment and a simple service can turn into a difficult task and out of control. In such situations, large areas on the ship can be contaminated. Work can expose other people to asbestos. Ship areas will need decontamination. Losses can be high and your insurance may not cover this.

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