Removing asbestos from the vessels

Removing asbestos, Ramid Company

RAMID Sp. z o.o. (GMBH, B.V.)


RAMID company cooperates with shipyards in Poland. Owing to this cooperation it is possible to act professionally, according to the binding European Union regulations during the removing asbestos from the vessels. All these works take place at the shipyard area.

We are able to take up asbestos disassembling action in another shipyard shown by investor in Poland or Europe (Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, German, France, Great Britain, Ireland). We possess specialist equipment, which is delivered to the disassembling area in a special containers. Among other things, we have decontamination chambers, filtering stations, vacuum pumps, measuring equipment for quantifying concentration of asbestos fiber. All worker have been trained and possess adequate certificates.


Removing asbestos from on offshore vessels

Asbestos removal work on ships requires high safety standards. Safety standards for the removal of asbestos from offshore vessels such as:

  • Tanker
  • Chemikal tanker
  • Tankships
  • Gas Carrier
  • Oil tanker

Removing asbestos from the vessels

Removing asbestos must additionally be backed up by fire safety standards. On this type of vessel, asbestos is quite common. You must know that there is a possibility that the asbestos can be removed on board during the cruise. However unfortunately, this applies to a few places such as:

  • Shutdown installations
  • Places where the crew does not have to be
  • Spare gasket sheets

Removing asbestos from naval vessels

Therefore, removing asbestos from vessels in other words must be done professionally and perfectly because hiring a non-professional company can cost you a lot. Sometimes the cost of decontamination after a poorly performed service can be higher than the asbestos removal service. Our company has already cleaned up after a sloppy, not professional team several times. The company must have experience and certificates.

RAMID has a NATO code certificate. We can remove asbestos from naval ships. If you want more information on this topic please contact us by e-mail.

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